NGO Indonesia dengan Special Consultative Status dari Dewan Ekonomi & Sosial Perserikatan Bangsa-Bangsa (PBB) Sejak 2004, Ref. No: D1035


Yanu Endar Prasetyo

Research Fellow on Basic Income, Community-Based Programs and Social Policies

Eka Nugraha Putra

Research Fellow on Criminal Law, Cyberlaw, Free Speech and Media Law

Wasisto Raharjo Jati

Research Fellow on Governance, Public Policy Analysis, Political Science, and Development Studies

Hasriadi Masalam

Research Fellow on Educational Policy, Rural Institution, Youth Development and Civil Society

Awaludin Marwan

Research Fellow on Communication, Cyberlaw, Law & Digital Startup Ecosystem

Marlis H. Afridah

Research Fellow on Public Policy and Sustainable Development.

Adhita Sri Prabakusuma

Research Fellow on Agro-industrial Technology, Food Safety, and Food Allergen.

Halida P. Widyastuti (Lily)

Research Fellow on Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry & Stem Cell Biology

Sidi Rana Menggala

Research Fellow on Bioscience and Sustainable Trade

Andreas Sihotang

Research Fellow on Civic Engagement, Public Affairs, Policy Evaluation and Governance

Ashari Cahyo Edi

Research Fellow on Civil Society Advocacy and Evidence-based Policymaking.

Siti Darojatul Aliah (Dete)

Research Fellow on Preventing/Countering Violence Extrimism

Irine Gayatri

Research Fellow on Gender, Peace and Security (GPS) and Violent extremism